the most serious injuries you can get as a surfer

First, let’s talk about the most serious injuries you can get as a surfer. A bad fall on your board, on a wave, or hitting the sand in shallow water could result in a head injury. Don’t let anyone but the paramedics handle you, if you hurt your neck, some movements can be fatal in that area of the head.

If it is a muscle or ligament tear, apply the following technique: rest, immobilization, compression, and elevation.

In the case of a fracture, the best thing to do, if possible, is to take the surfer to the shade under the trees. Make a splint with branches or woven newspaper to immobilize the limb. Contact emergency services as soon as possible. If the fracture is open, clean around the wound to remove sand with clear water. Broken nose? Put ice on it quickly. Broken tooth? Take an anti-inflammatory and rinse your mouth with clear water while waiting for help. Eardrum perforation due to water & surfing? Avoid water getting into the ear, which could lead to superinfection.

For cuts, which can happen with your board or another surfer’s, by falling on rocks or corals… if the wound is not too deep, apply a clean cloth on the wound to stop the bleeding. Do not use absorbent cotton as the fibers can get stuck to the wound. Rinse with clean water and clean well with soap. Do not use solutions with alcohol as they will slow down the healing process by destroying the tissue around the wound and this will encourage bacteria. If something is in the wound, do not remove it, wait for a specialist to do it. Have your wound examined, even if it is small, at the nearest medical center, an infection can happen quickly. Within 12 hours you will see if your wound becomes infected or stabilizes.

There is also the classic itching of sand fleas, it is important not to scratch because these small buttons can become infected. To avoid parasites, swim, and surf only in clear and not stagnant water, such as mangroves, brackish water lagoon next to the sea or the ocean, you should also avoid areas with bird droppings, you risk catching parasites easily that can bother you afterwards.

The basic rule for a surfer should be to listen to his instinct as well as the opinion of other surfers on the spot, their experience will be able to help you according to the situation in which you are. In any case, seek medical attention or go to the nearest emergency room, it is the best thing to do for you and your injured loved one.